Computer Support

computer support imageUnlike other technical support companies, at M&H Consulting Computer Support means more than just logging in remotely whenever there is an issue and providing troubleshooting, while relegating regular maintenance to just setting Windows updates to install automatically. We believe that spending a little time on site at each computer every month adds tremendous value to the health of your computer systems and the productivity of your staff. Our ability to communicate directly with each user, even briefly, as we maintain each system allows us to answer questions and solve problems that simply would never come up during remote support sessions. In addition, being on-site allows us to better multi-task to save you money.

While the amount of regular maintenance PCs and servers need has declined as Microsoft and PC manufacturers have improved, and it is possible to get away with doing little or no maintenance for a longer period of time with less risk, it is clear that forgoing regular maintenance still ends up costing far more in computer support and lost time than simply keeping up regular system checks. In order to help companies do the right thing, and properly maintain their systems on a regular monthly basis, M&H Consulting offers substantial discounts to our hourly rate for maintenance, to make it very affordable. By taking advantage of M&H's discounted rates and excellent service, you'll find that you have fewer emergencies and less downtime in the long run, and when problems do arise, they are quicker and more affordable to fix since all your systems are up to date.

Many small offices have someone already on staff who is familiar with computer support, and they often rely on that person to handle ongoing maintenance and simple PC or server installations and troubleshooting. There are several problems with this approach in the long term, as these individuals were usually hired to do some other vital task, and often discover they cannot find enough time for their main job as they are constantly distracted by computer support issues. In addition, it is possible for a less knowledgeable person to get small office systems up and running, but to set them up improperly so they run less efficiently, have strange intermittent issues, and/or have all sorts of security vulnerabilities due to improper configurations or falling behind in critical updates. It is common for our technicians to begin computer support for a new client who used this "self medicating" approach to their PC and server support, only to discover numerous issues ranging from annoying slowdowns and random bugs to serious issues needing immediate attention. Considering how affordable it is to have our expert technicians perform regular maintenance, these clients are often thrilled at the improvements after M&H takes over their computer support.

Give M&H Computer Support a try! With low rates, great service, quick response time and no contracts to lock you in, you can't lose!